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Ólafur Helgi Þorkelsson


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Data Dwell

Data Dwell DAM centralized data lockers on site (DAM = Digital Asset Management) that manages digital business data. Data Dwell offers a central storage and sharing of digital market data for larger companies. The software reduces costs within companies and reduces the risk of incorrect data being used or inferring copyright in the use of visual material without permission.



Talking to Frumtak

We at Frumtak encourage entrepreneurs to visit us for a “chat” because the conversation can deliver more value than an investment. As Frumtak is a growth fund, the companies we invest in need to have a product, a customer and turnover in order to be eligible for investment. Even though this is not often the case, the „chat“ enables us to get acquainted, which saves time later on if the company is considered for investment. The „chat“ establishes a foundation for a mutual understanding and to forming a band of trust which is the premise of working together in the future.

The simplest way to contact us is to send us an e-mail requesting the meeting. Please be advised that we only invest locally here in Iceland.

Kringlunni 7, 103 Reykjavík, Iceland

+ 354 510 1850

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