Paula leading global relations and marketing Frumtak funds and their portfolio.

Paula Gould has been appointed to lead international relations and marketing Frumtak funds and their portfolio. This is a new activity superintended increase visibility Frumtak and the companies in the portfolio abroad.

Frumtak Ventures is a sponsor Frumtak They investable funds in growth companies That Reached by the hatching stage and significant potential for growth and expansion. The company has been Systemically Investing in foreign relations and worked with companies in its portfolio and to Strengthen Their relationship with foreign investment funds as well as to Assist Them in foreign marketing.

Paula has extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial companies and has worked with Such companies in the US, Israel and Iceland. She has extensive experience in business development, marketing and public relations That has enabled the companies very well. She moved to Iceland in 2011, and has worked with MANY start-ups in various roles SUCH AS director, manager and marketing manager. She has also been Advised entrepreneurs in the various support projects in the country.

„I am thrilled to join Frumtak Ventures and look forward to working with the great companies in the portfolio and help themself to Strengthen Their global network and take Advantage of foreign market opportunities,“ said Paula Gould.

„We are very happy to have got Paula to join us,“ said Eggert Claessen, manager Frumtak Ventures. „Her experience in relationships and marketing Efforts together with the enthusiasm of its start-up fits well with our ideas about how best WE CAN increase interest in the funds and the companies in Their portfolios abroad.“